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Personalized Measurement


Please give us the following measurements:


1st step: 


A=  Back Length: from the top vertebra to

                                    the top of the shoe  ___________  inches


2nd step:


B=  Shoulder Length: from the bottom of the neck to the

                                             bone of the shoulder  ___________  inches


3rd step:


C=  Sleeve Length: from the bone of the shoulder to

                                       the wrist __________ inches


4th step:


D=  Sleeve Width: Measure around the wrist as loose or

                                       tight as you would like it  _________ inches


5th step:


E=  Neck: measure around the neck as loose or

                     tight as you would like it  _________ inches


6th step:


F=  Underarm Width: start to measure at the top of your shoulder and around the underarm                      (front and back) ________  inches


7th step:


G=  Shoulder to shoulder  _______ inches


8th step:        


H=  Waist: measure from the bellybutton and around your waist  _______ inches                                                                                     



Personalized Measurement



Please give the following measurements:


A= Total Length __________    inches

B=Back Length    ___________  inches (from large bone in back)

C=Sleeve Width   ___________  inches

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